Sunday, June 15, 2014

First Big Beautiful Blog Post!


My name is Tammy, and this is my beauty (INSIDE AND OUT) blog for bigger sized women.  I have looked all over youtube for larger women that are good roll models for like wise sized girls and women, and found very few so I thought I would throw my hat in that ring! I did find a georgeous woman on youtube, Cora, who is Vintage or Tacky, and I have developed quite the girl crush on her.  You should check her out!  I am also in love with Goldie Starling.  She is just an insane make up artist!

Now a little background on me. 

I am 40 years old, and weigh aproximately 250 pounds.  I was not always this large, but though illness have been struggeling to loose weight in healthy ways, and do things for myself to make me feel as attractive as I felt when I was thin.  Like make up amd healthy eating, new cloths or a silly night playing games with my boy.  I want all women to feel their worth and not judge their beauty by societies standards.  Make your own standards.  That is my hope with this blog. I want to help other people find their own self worth, blogging recipies, exercise music playlists, new beauty products, clothing stores or alterations you can do at home, and just being here for one another.

Like I said my name is Tammy (aka Red) VanEps.  I am the artist at Ghoulie Goodies, a small business venture I hopes to launch (health permitting) mid-late 2014. Ghoulie Goodies will offer a wide range of artisan gifts with a punk/goth/geek/horror feel. From unique jewelry to bento box stuffers, cosplay costumes to book binding, there will be a little something for everyone. My hobbies include; knitting, sewing, jewelry making (mostly wire wrapped and resin), drawing, painting, and gardening.  I am a foodie that loves bento box creating and rolling my own sushi. I am a gamer (Diablo3 at the moment, you can also throw in any of the fallout games), a horor movie buff (mainly zombies or anything to do with Frankenstein, but really anything semi scary will do), and a total geek with a slight Doctor Who and Firefly (or Joss Whedon relateted) fondness. I am a music lover and avid book reader. For some reason, I am obcessed with true crime and serial killer books and documenteries.  I am an ancient Egyptian freak and have numerous books on the subject particularly when reading hieroglyphics is involved. I also believes in faeries, spesifically those celtic in origin. I have been with my boyfriend, known to most as B, approximately 10 years . I have 2 fur babies, Gaia and Bailey, a pair of tortie kitties. Bailey is an american ring tail, and Gaia is just cute. Currently, I live in my childhood home in Andover, Minnesota with B, Gaia, Bailey, and my Uncle Mike.  I have agoraphobia with anxiety/panic disorder, making it very difficult for me to leave the house. However, I can almost always be counted on to be online. I also has fibromyalgia, factor V leiden, sphincter of ODDI dysfunction, gastroparisis, and chronic pancreatitis, which also complicatse leaving home, but it does help me to be excellent support tor others afflicted with the same issues. Good thing I am crafty, otherwise I might have died from boredom long ago.

I am hoping to blog almost daily here, as well as start back up on my bento blog, and my business blog.  With this I will say good night, and be gentle with yourself and with each other.