Monday, June 16, 2014

Make Up Monday

Happy Monday!

Every Monday I will be posting makeup photos like "face of the day" (FOTD), or product reviews.

If I do a product review, I will state how I came to have the product (did I purchase see it or was it sent to me) just so you are aware of how to get it yourself, and I want to be completely honest with you so you can trust my opinion, positive or negative.  Also, any products I review will be tested for 1 month, no less.  I believe it is impossible to give an honest review if only tested for 3 day or a week.

If I do a FOTD, I will list all products used as well as step by step pictures of how I made the look.  Right now I have a very small and old make up stash.  I only have 2 brushes.  Let me explain myself.

In 2005 I became very ill.  Between my super sensitive skin and medications, my skin could no longer handle any product on it.  It would break out, go hive crazy, develop blisters, and get open wounds that refused to heal.  Being a make up every day girl, it broke my heart and greatly effected my self
esteem.  On occasion I would put make up on, like when I was in a wedding, because i did not want my friends to know my secret.  Only recently has my skin started to tolerate make up and facial products again.  However, since it has been so long, all of my make up is so old and very dated.  Some I even threw out because I was apprehensive about its expiration.  Also, I am now 100 pounds heavier now and some of my old makeup techniques make me look ridiculous.  So I am relearning how to apply make up to a heavier framed face.

Some of the products I do review on Monday could technically be skin care products,  like today's goo.  I see skin care as the gesso I put on my canvas before starting to paint a work of art.  Thus it is just as vital as any make up I may use on my face.

Lastly, before I start my review, I want to note I have extremely sensitive skin.  Some of the products that I try may make me break out or get hives, may not nessisarily mean it will do the same thing to you.

All right!! Onto my review!!

This is a skin cream called, Yes To Carrots.  It is a day cream.  I got it for Yule.  I was quite apprehensive because I really thought it would not react well with my sensitive skin.  Holy cow was I wrong!!

This face goo is nearly perfect.  If they had added some SPF I would never buy another face moisturizer.  Ever.  Period.

And I see now, they do have it on their website that it now does have SPF 15!

Another thing I love about this moisturizer is that it is fragrance free.  My skin has HUGE issues with fragrance.  This has none.  It is also paraben free.  Since breast cancer runs in my family, it is so awesome that the Yes To company thought to make this paraben free.  For more information on parabens follow this link.

I use this all the time.  I use it before I put make up on to prime my face and it works wonderfully.  It makes my make up blend flawlessly and does not leave any color behind.  It is very light and goes a long way, never leaving my skin feel oily or like I have a layer of thick moisturizing cream that never dries.  I use it as an over night cream.

I am totally going to purchase more of their products in the future.  I am so happy with this product even I have questions on how it love it so much!

As with all of my reviews, I will totally disclose how I came to posses the product.  I have in no way been asked to make a favorable review by the company or made to give this review in return for the product.  The product was not given to me by the company in this product review.

This is simply my honest opinion.

So, that is that for my first Monday post!  I really hope I did not ramble and that I did give you some useful information.

Tomorrow is Tuesday!  Tuesdays are "What jewelry is on my board".  In that post I will show you what item i am working on that is jewelry related.  Sometimes I may also make a tutorial to accompany the piece.

See you tomorrow, and remember, be kind to yourself, and to each other.