Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sewing Saturday - just begining to learn edition

Saturdays I will be sharing what sewing project I am working on with you.

This Saturday I wanted to make 3 aprons.  2 childrens, and one adult, for some of my favorite peoples, The Estby Girls, Mom Laura and Sophie and Charlotte.  Mom does a lot of home cooking and canning and I thought if I made them all aprons, the girls would love to start helping!  Granted I know I will not get all three done today, I am hoping to get the 2 childrens finished today.

Let us start with choosing a pattern.

Before you go out to purchase a pattern, or shop on line... take a moment to think about what exactly you want in the garment.

I wanted an apron pattern.  I wanted it to be super simple since I plan to use this pattern as a teaching tool for Laura.  I wanted it to have a variety of sizes, I wanted one with kid sizes as well as adult sizes, however, I overlooked that atribute for the simplicity of the one I did choose.

Then you are going to want your (or your customers) exact measurements for the garment you want to make.  This garment has 3 sizes.
For this pattern you only need your waist measurement.  Here is a how to on how you measure different parts of the body, courtesy of Simplicity Patterns.

Number 4 is where you measure.  I always use a cloth measuring tape and not the elastic they sugest.

I keep a small notebook for measurements and notes I need to remember in.  Or if it is a very basic pattern, I use large post it notes.
The nickle is just for scale.

All right, now we look at the back of our pattern envelope and find out which size we need touse for the measurements you took.  Now I have found the you absolutely need to match measurements and NOT YOUR DRESS SIZE!  Each pattern varies so dramaticallty that if you just assume yournormal dress size wil be just fine, you may end up with a garment that may fit you in 6 to 8 months of fasting, or one that might be beter used as a couch fort roof.  DO NOT let this size you obtained by using your measurements effect your self esteem.  For Halloween one year I made a cheerleader costume.  I made it in my dress at the time which was a 8, it was closer to a 6.  So you may be a size 16, but need to use the patterns size 22.  It is not you, it is just the nature of how patterns differ.

When I cut a pattern, I cut it out for multipal sizes, because I may use the same pattern for 12 different people. Here is how it looks cut out.

So I am going to use size small for the 2 aprons for the girls.  I just fold over the pattern so I am using the small size but still cam use the same pattern for a large size for Laura.  If you are only going to use the pattern once, you can cut it to your desired size.  When folded it looks like this...
The messy arrows are where I have folded it to make it a size small.

When the pattern is cut out, now you get to choose your cloth. Now, word on the street is Sophia's favorite color is pink, and Charlotte's favorite color is yellow.  So for me color is the first choice.  Next would be what type of fabric is the best choice.  Usually I do check my stash of fabrics for something suitable.  For an apron, I want either a cotton because it is durable and sonce these are for children, it can be washed - a lot.  However there are fabrics that are stain resistat.  While I am sure no stains would be nice, I am thinking that Laura may want them washed after most uses.  So I am going to lean towards a durrable washable cotton fabric.  I may choose some more fancy fabric for Laura's.

Oddly enough, I do not have any plain yellow or sutible pink.  

I will end our lesson here, seeing as I need fabric to continue the lesson.

As always, be gentle to yourself, and to others.