Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trifty Thursday


I was having a bit of an issue with what everyone I know would like to read about on Thursdays.  Originally I thought Thirsty Thursday would work, however, I rarely drink alcohol because I have pancreas problems.  Then the perfect idea popped right into my head.  Thrify Thursdays!! Awesome, I love thrifting, but I did no thrift shopping today. Hmmmm...

I did pick strawberries out of our garden today and made what we call "freezer jam".  So good and if you grow your own berries, mega cheap.  And they last forever in the freezer.  They make really, really good strawberry simple syrup if you like a little pop to your soda stream fizzy water and it is perfect as is on ice cream or on toast. I like to freeze them by the pint, but you could freeze them in bigger or smaller batches if you like.

So lets get started!
1. Grow some strawberries.

Sorry the pictures are blurry but it was raining out.

2. A lot of strawberries.

 3. Pick your strawberries when they turn red, or when they "pop".  Pull the plants that are not producing berries and pull the runners.

4. Thoughly wash your berries, and this may take some time if your soil is as sandy as mine is. Cut off the stems, and then cut in half.  I rinse them once more, then set aside while you do a few more pints.  Add acouple table spoons of sugar.My Great Grammy always said sweeten them at this stage because you can not sweeten them after they have been frozen.  I let them sit with the sugar for about 30 minutes.  This draws tons of juice and make divine suryp.

5. Pick your container of choice.  I use a vaccume sealer, my uncle uses some of those cheap plastic containers.

6. Once sealed, I label them with the date, and what type of sweetener I used (a couple batches I make with splenda for my dad because he is diabetic).

7. Take them out the night before you want to use them.  My uncle loves it on his toast, I love putting the syrup in some charged water.  I also love it in bubble tea.

Well. That is it for this Thursday.  If you have questions or coments, please ask away.

Be good to your self and to each other, and I will see you tomorrow for FOOVIE FRIDAY!