Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - Jewelry Edition

Today is tutorial Tuesday.  Tuesdays are the day I will teach you how to make something beautiful or fun.  It could be jewelry, knitting, clothing alterations, book binding... really could be just about anything! Requests are welcome.

Today I will be showing you how to make a simple but fun statement ring!  This little ring does so much and is so easy to make.  Let's get started!

Things you will need:
#1 A large bead of your choice.  Here I have a round faceted labradorite bead, an oval faceted colored crystal bead, and a glass skull bead.  I purchased. All of these beads at a store in Saint Paul Minnesota called J Ring Art Glass Studio Inc. It is an amazing store for natural beads, but also for stained glass tools and glass works.  They also host classes.

Now for tools!

#2 you will need you a 20 gauge wire in your choice of metal.  Here I am showing you copper, silver plated nickle, and gun metal coated copper.  You can get craft grade wire at wal-mart, Joannes, or Michaels.  I tend to purchase mine at J Rings just because it is a higher quality and you can only get silver plated copper at the first three places I mentioned.

And now for the tools!

A metal (you could use plastic but I prefer my metal one) ring mandrel.
Mine also shows sizes.

A chasing hammer

A pair of nylon coated pillars 

A pair of flush cutters

A pair of chain nosed pliars

A small notebook to keep notes in, just incase you want to replicate the same ring over and over.

And a jewelry buddy, in case you need help ;)

You could use safty glasses, but honestly for this ring you probably will not need them.

Lets get started!

1. Cut a length of wire of your choice.  Today I am going to use my 20 gauge gun metal.  You want a pretty healthy length, because you are going to wrap it several times around your mandrel.   I cut 24 inches with my flush cutters.
Correct way to cut with flush cutters.
This will leave a flat finished end.

Wrong way to cut with flush cutters.  This will leave a jagged point that will need to file off.

2. Wrap your wire around your mandrel .5 - 1 size smaller than you want.  It can be made bigger later.  I want my ring to be a size 6-7 so I start wrapping at 6. This does take some practice to get right.  My first rings were GIGANTIC!

3. Wrap your wire around your mandrel, I like to wrap 3-6 times for a womens ring and 6-8 for mens.  This time I did 5.

4.thread one end of wire through your bead.

 5. Now wrap it around the mandrel 1 more time, then take the same end of wire and wrap it around the bead.

6. Now with thw long wire end that is remaining, weave it under youe bead.

7. Now wrap the shorter end around the ring and not the bead.  The chain nose pliars will help you do it.

8. Trim off exess and bend ends in to hide them.  Hammer the band with your chasing hammer, and size it larger if needed. If the bead is still too loose, grab the wire with your chain nose pliars and twist 90 degrees.  Not only will ittoghten it up, but I think it looks pretty nifty.

And now it is done!

I really hope you enjoyed my first jewelry tutorial
If you have questions, you can email me, face book me, twitter works too, and so does instagram!

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