Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tutorial Tueday - Collaboration Jewelry, Head Chain

My True Love Vintage provided me with all of my materials today.  She is an awesome mother of two, and loves to shop for vintage items.  Most of my re purposed jewelry components have come from this amazing personal shopper/vintage maniac.  Please check out her etsy store!  If you ever need anything she could be a personal shopper or vintage picker for reasonable price.  Plus I just love this woman to pieces!!
My True Love Vintage, Laura

Today, I went to her place to help her cook for her amazing elder daughter's birthday party.  I figure she is going to hand me a bowl and a mixer, instead she handed me a bag of goodies to go through...and some a few items she wanted (I thought mistakenly) made into a head piece for her.

Shut the front door.

Heck, hand me a few things to play with and I will make you anything I can! So, I guess the me helping is making her a sparklie for her daughters party tomorrow. I am totally her girl, so I dig right in!

Here are the components she provided.

2 types of gold chain
A couple of gold focal pieces

Two Egytianesque post earrings with faux marble stones
An awesome gold hammered shoe buckle

The shoe buckle I ended up not using for this piece.

First, I worked on the post earrings.  I took my round nose pliers.

I just curled the straight pierced earring post into a, lack of a better description, attached jump ring.

I then made two sizes of jump rings out of my 20 gold wire from J Rings Glass in Saint Paul. I no longer purchase my wire anywhere else, because it is simply the best I have found and have been disappointed by the wire I have purchased online.  Now, if I want to upgrade to sterling silver for my jewelry adventure, I will have to do my research and find a reputable store.  Right now though, this is what I use.  It i probably gold plated copper or brass but when worn it does not look like the gold rubs off.

I used my step pliers for this.

I used the 2nd smallest (top left) for the smaller jump rings, and the 4th smallest (middle left) for the larger jump rings.

I then decided where I wanted the two earrings,  I wanted them to fall right onto my temple area.  So I then took a piece of the finer chain an measured straight across my forehead.  It was my preference to make it about 6 inches.  Then with two of the larger jump rings (I first used the smaller one but found that I could fit almost all of the chains into a larger one), I attached the chain to the earrings.

Next, I needed to to figure out how to anchor the piece.  Thinking of Betty Page's fringe, I decided making a triangle thats point hit just at the crown would be perfect.
Betty Page and her trademark fringe

Map of head
To measure this part I measured from one temple to the top of my crown.  5.5 inches.  Then I doubled it to make the third side of the triangle.  Brow to brow is the 6 inch piece, temple to top of crown 5.5 inches, then the last side of the triangle 5.5 inches to the other temple.
The crown triangle

I then cut a small chain that would attach the side draping chains to the tip of the triangle anchor that touches the crown of the head.  Attaching it to the crown chain by pulling the crown chain through a large jump ring, and then i took a small ring and put it through the first link in the back connector chain, then I attached the small ring to the large ring.  This helps make it more mailable and not strictly for one sized head, and lets the owner fit it to their head, and to adjust it to where it is most comfortable for them.  The length of this chain was determined by connecting the top of the crown to the top of the nape.  For my design, I chose the length to be 4.5 inches.  Then thread a large ring through the last link or the connector chain.  This is where you will attach the side drapeing chains.

The large ring moves all along the top of the Y for fine tune adjustment
Side view
Back view
Now for the sides!  The way I chose the length of the side draping chains was to attach a chain to the back connector chain at the top of the nape, adjust it at the temple ornaments and draping it until I liked the length.  I then cut the length and let it fall straight down.  I then attached another chain to the bottom of the connector chain and cut it exactly the same as the first chain, making their lengths identical.  My shortest, in the smaller chain was 9 inches, I then attached each one to their corresponding temple ornament through the large jump ring. Then I took a length of the bigger chain and did the same thing.  I cut mine at 11 inches.  Then lastly I took a length of the small wire again, I cut this at 13 inches and connected it in the same matter as for the previous two.  And now it done!

Now I liked it better this way, probably because I have fringe and thought a more decorative brow piece would be a waste, but both Laura and B liked it better with the more ornate chain.  This is how I measured that one.

Seeing as the brow chain is 6 inches and my brow ornament is 2 inches long, I just needed to do some simple math.  6÷3=2
6 inches cut into 3 parts means each piece needs to measure 2 inches.  I cut the chain into 2 inch lengths, replaced the middle chain with the ornament chain and connecting it with small jump rings.  And now the second version is done!

Hope you like this tutorial!  Have any ideas for things you wanna see made?  Email me or leave a comment below.

Until next time, be gentle to yourself and each other.