Monday, January 19, 2015

Sisterhood Sunday - Bridal Showers and The Best Tom Kha Gai Yet!

This past Sunday I had a spectacular day with my family!  Early afternoon I was at my cousin Nicole's Bridal Shower.  Tons of really good people that I am lucky not only to call family, but friends as well.  We chatted, we laughed, we played goofy games, and joined in celebrating a new chapter in Nicole's life that she will spend with her husband to be, Dan.  
aren't they just the cutest?!

After the shower, my mom and little sister, Mikki went to United Noodles in Minneapolis, so I could pick up some Asian food stuffs I can only find there, or that regular grocers way over price.  

I bought 3 packages of dried shitake mushrooms, 

white miso, 

green tea pocky,  So good with tea!!
 4 to a pack - 3 packs per box
So good that they never last very long.

 udon noodles, This brand is my favorite!  I already opened the package and used 2 packages in some miso soup we ate last night.
There are 5 single serving pouches with 5 seasoning packs.  The flavoring I do not use, they are very close to ramen seasoning.

 extra firm tofu, about a buck less than my regular grocer

mock duck, I never buy enough... one side looks like this.
The other side looks like this

and the most important thing... inarazushi wrappers.  Not my usual brand but we will test it out.

oh and sesame oil, This huge bottle is the same price as the dinky size they sell at the grocer

unseasoned rice vinegar, Also a fraction of the price

and some cooking mirin. Yup, I know it is kikoman, but it is a huge bottle for cheap. 

Gotta go back before my trip to La Crosse so I can pick up some things for Ginger. Go check out her blog, Integrity Has No Need of Rules.  Follow her blog.  Her writing skills are off the chart!  More about her next Sunday!

So, After I broke the bank at United Noodles we met up with my Aunt Susan,
 and my Uncle Dennis, 

At Joy's Pattaya Thai Restaurant in Minneapolis.  OMG!  I had the best vegetarian tom kha gai EVER!  I had them add mock duck... guys, I can not tell you how good this was.  The best way to describe it would be baby unicorn tears.  I ordered it at a heat level 2, which I would call Minnesota hot.  I would have a picture to insert 


but my phone died, and I was the only one that did not have an iPhone so no spare cords for my Galaxy S5.  I plan on taking my beloved Laura with me, so pictures then!

Anyway if was a fantastic day with tons of people I love.  Now I am off to attempt my own version of tom kha gai,  Then off to see these girls!

and I will lucky if I get to see all my Estbys!
And to me that is the definition of sisterhood Sundays for me.  Just a day in your life, making time to spend time with loved ones, loving one another, laughing together, and creating memories that strengthen the bond between you and the people in your life, family and friends, neighbors and your community. Well that is it for today,  And as always, remember to be gentle to yourself, and each other!